Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Brewing Scholarship Program


In collaboration with the Seibel Institute of Technology, the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation is offering two full-tuition brewing education scholarships in 2017. Both scholarship are full tuition grants and come with generous travel/lodging stipends. The first scholarship is to the World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology, a two-week intensive program at Siebel in Chicago in November 2017. The second scholarship is to the World Brewing Academy International Diploma Course, a 12-week comprehensive course running from August to November 2017 at Siebel’s Chicago and Munich campuses..
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About The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Scholarships

The mission of the Foundation is to provide opportunities for professional and aspiring brewers to further their knowledge and expertise. The Foundation strives to fulfill this mission by offering educational scholarships to an accredited brewing school. Since 2004, the Foundation has awarded more than thirty full-tuition brewing education scholarships.

The foundation offers two scholarships to the World Academy of Brewing held at the Siebel Institute of Technology each year. Follow this link for more information on the Siebel Institute of Technology Scholarships.

The Foundation also offers a full-tuition scholarship to the American Brewers Guild. Follow this link for more information on the American Brewers Guild Scholarship.

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