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In collaboration with the American Brewers Guild, we are again offering a full-tuition scholarship to the Guild’s Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering program. 

The Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering course is a 22-week distance education program with a final week of residential instruction.  The course is designed for brewers and homebrewers who lack formal training in brewing science and covers all the fundamentals of beer production and quality assurance.

The American Brewers Guild is a premier school for the craft brewing industry dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience that focuses on the technical, scientific, and operational matters and issues that brewers face in a craft brewing environment. 

The American Brewers Guild is now accepting applications for the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation slot in the Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering course that runs from January 19, 2015 through June 26, 2015 with the final week of onsite instruction in Middlebury, Vermont.  The full application must be received no later than November 11, 2014. Note: This class is full except for this scholarship slot. Click here to learn more>>


From an outstanding group of talented applicants, Richard Mergens of Mac & Jack’s Brewery and Hi-Fi Brewing (Redmond, WA) and Joshua Waldman of Elysian Brewing (Seattle, WA) have been named recipients of the 2014 Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Siebel Brewing Scholarships.  The expanded scope and reach of the Foundation’s scholarships attracted the largest applicant pool ever in our eleven year collaboration with the Siebel Institute of Technology.  Our scholarship program encompasses over half of the United States geography and the scholarships drew candidates from throughout that region.  But one had to look no farther than the greater Seattle area to find this year’s top picks. Click here to learn more>>

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About the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation

The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation is a non-profit organization created to commemorate and celebrate the life, interests, and good works of a well-loved and leading Northwest brewer.

Glen Falconer toasting with his craft brewed beer at the Wild Duck Brewery.

The mission of the Foundation is to contribute to the Northwest craft brewing community by providing opportunities for professional and aspiring brewers to further their knowledge and expertise. The Foundation is also committed to honoring Glen's broader interests by working with the Northwest Legends Foundation to contribute directly to local Eugene-based organizations that represent his ideals and passions.

In 2013, the Foundation is offering two educational scholarships to the World Academy of Brewing at the Siebel Institute and one to the American Brewer's Guild.

The Foundation is supported by donations from the annual Sasquatch Brew Fest, which is organized and produced by Northwest Legends Foundation.

The Northwest Legends Foundation is a sister non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting the greater Eugene community through donations to charitable organizations, which embody Glen’s broad interests and ideals. Last year, more than 5,000 people enjoyed more then 60 beers from throughout the Pacific Northwest in an all-day event that also featured live music, great food, and a silent auction and raffle.

Brew Am Golf Tournament

The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation produces the Sasquatch BrewAm, a golf tournament designed to appeal to all levels of golfers and beer lovers. The Ninth annual Sasqutach BrewAm will be held at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon on July 26, 2013.  Sign-up now for the Sasquatch BrewAm.

The Foundation also receives donations from participating pubs in the Sasquatch Legacy Project where scholarship recipients join together to brew a specially crafted beer.  Finally, private donations and independent fundraisers provide an important source of support for the Foundation’s brewing scholarship program. 

For more information on the Foundation or how to become involved in realizing its goals, please contact us.

About Glen Hay Falconer

Passion, dedication, and creativity defined Glen Falconer's beers and his entire approach to life.

Glen began his brewing career as an avid homebrewer and dedicated member of the Cascade Brewers Society, a clan of skilled homebrewers based in the Eugene area. As a professional brewer, Glen remained engaged and committed to his roots, providing sagely advice, recipies, and ingredients to his homebrewer community.

Glen assisted many professional brewers that relocated from Eugene, Oregon to areas throughout the United States as they began their professional brewing careers by making himself available as a human database of brewing techniques.

Glen Falconer 'pulling mash' at the Wild Duck Brewery.

In 1990, Glen followed his dream and pursued a professional brewing career, beginning at Steelhead Brewery in Eugene. Glen completed the Siebel Concise Course in Brewing Technology in 1994. Glen then refined his skills at the renowned Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon, working side-by-side with his close friend and mentor John Maier, one of the most celebrated and respected professional brewers in the country.

In 1996, Glen became head brewer at the Wild Duck Brewery in Eugene, providing six regular beers on tap as well as a wide variety of specialty ales and lagers each season, until his untimely death in 2002.

The memorial service held at the Wild Duck to honor Glen attracted hundreds of brewers and friends from all over the country, amazing even his close friends and family at the amount of people his life touched and affected, all of whom were willing to travel vast distances at short notice to pay tribute to such a singular individual.

Enlarging on the tradition of brewing, laughing heartily and embracing adventure fully represented Glen's life. While Glen won numerous professional craft brewing prizes and accolades, perhaps his finest accomplishment was the back-to-back Gold Medals received posthumously for his Auld Gnarly Head Barley Wine at the 2002 and 2003 Great American Beer Festival.

Glen had a virtually insatiable thirst for adventure, traveling extensively and experiencing cultures in Southeast Asia, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean. Glen enjoyed the outdoors with interests that included scuba diving, camping, and cycling.

Glen was a great soccer fan, coaching young people in the sport for many years in Eugene. Glen could also be found each year at the annual Oregon Country Faire in Veneta, Oregon with a gleam in his eye, surrounded by old friends, family and new acquaintances during a festival created to celebrate the idiosyncratic nature of life.

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